she never completley hears what i say and puts me down

by skye
(jackson ohio)

when talking to my g/f about the bills or grocery list or the kids she never hears me fully can never repeat back the words i had just spoke seconds prior,it hurts me terribly i feel what i am saying isnt important enough so its one ear and out the other,when doing errands it never fails she always makes major mistakes,again because she doesnt truly listen.when i get frustrated about it and try to explain its not what she forgot in town but the principle of not careing enough to hear what was important to me to talk about,she says things like you always complain i can never do anything right in your eyes .why cant you say something good about me why always negative things,and says i made a mistake aren't i aloud to make a mistake?,,i dont mean to pry and complain i just cant keep her attention long enough to tell a family story what happened at work what i had for lunch or did all day,and the forgettfulness and mistakes are unreal,if she went to town ten times a day every day for a week and had an important errand on each trip she would screw up every single trip in a way to where it would be a problem ,i even write things down,bottom line i am needing to understand and come to terms with is why...why is it her mind is on something more important ?this didnt use to be a problem just has been very much an issue in last 6 months..also she spends mornings before college on line playing card games soon as she walks back in the door she goes straight to the computer until she has to get ready n leave for work,when i complain i sit and wait all day and evening upon her to spend time with me or at least to conversate with me she sighs and says whats wrong with me being online its my computer i worked to pay for it and i can get on it if i want too,saying that its awful that she isnt"allowed" to get online,i only ask if she could cut back a litle and stop ignoring me,she claims she is bored and isnt dilibratley ignoring me theres nothing to do,now im being accused of not careing how she feels or do i show i love her im really fed up with this mind game!i truly love her and want this to work what am i doing wrong?we are a lesbian couple of 5 years someone pleae help

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