She claims to be my half sister

by Richard

Hi,My wife never met her father, it was a big family secret who he was, she was born illegitimate which was shamefull in the late fifties.Anyway, fast forward fifty years or so, to present day. I was surfing the net and came across an article where, a woman was looking for her half sister. She gave her sisters name, which is my wifes name and is a very unusual name. We live in the U.K. and the searcher lives in Australia.I contacted this lady and we exchanged a few e mails.It seems that her dad was separated from her mum at the time that my wife was conceived. All the dates line up. The lady in Australia even said that her dad said to her one day "You have a sister and today is her birthday"
I am not very good at this sort of thing but, my question is, if she lives in Australia and my wife lives in the U.K. how can she prove that this is her half sister.If she is, then that would answer an almost sixty year old family secret, of who her father really was.

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