by Shaun Best
(Beaumont, Texas)


Somestimes we think,
Sometimes we drink!
Sometimes our mind,
Is lost in liquor or wine!
The trouble between both black and white,
Is that each see their view as right!
Let's work together for a single master,
Instead of fighting, which ends in disaster!
We could try annihilation of others,
But I ask you, who would go first!
With so much deviance in our behaviour,
The human race is quickly becoming a disgrace!
With more and more conflict, prejudice, and discrimination,
What is becoming of our so-called wonderful nation!
It is not too late for us to live in assimilation,
But the longer it is put off, this leads to disorganized nations!
All of us have God-give rights,
Why can't we live together, peacefully & quiet?
Let's all work together and end this vicious cycle,
Let's stop xenophobia, before it destroys us!!!

Written in 1992, as was 99% of my poems in about 30 minutes, at the University of Arkansas for National Black History Month, while dealing with the pseuobulbar affect not discovered nor diagnosed until after 2010, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services paid for this bachelor degree of Business Management, but never found myself a job as promised in 1989 by my Arkansas Rehabilitation Counselor or agent. By Dr. Park, MD, 409-212-8111, May 2018, started in 1978.

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