Possible bf waiting and wondering

by BF Waiting
(Northampton, England)

Recently I saw pictures of my ex's child. She looks like me, my kids and members of my family. My ex's kid is an adult, in her early 20's. I contacted my ex after seeing the pictures and after talking for a long while I asked her if she was mine. My ex responded "please don't do anything..." and "I can't do this to him" referring to her now ex husband. My ex ended the call and cut off the possibility of further contact.

After a few weeks against the advice of trusted friends I reach out and contact my ex's child with a letter. I explained who I was to her mother in the past and who I maybe to her. I could not not let this go. May god have mercy for what I felt needed to be done. I do not know if I will ever get a response to my letter. I will live the rest of my life waiting and wondering.

My ex did confess that she knew I wasn't coming back after I discovered her infidelity. She stated she did what she had to do once she found out she was pregnant. For anyone finding out their dad is not their biological father know this. At least from one man, speaking for myself. I would give anything to establish a relationship with my biological child. No one can possibly know what it is like to be in my shoes. To experience what it is like and feel the pain, anxiety and loss I feel being in this situation. And it wasn't done out of hate, spite, anger or retribution. My ex denied me a relationship with my child out of convenience.

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Jun 03, 2019
Encouragement for you
by: Ladybug

The child is an adult and deserves to know the truth. This is between you and the child, not between you and your ex and her husband and the child. What the child does with this information is up to her. I love it that you want to have a relationship with (potentially) your daughter. Seriously, that's wonderful, and not all biochildren are given that option. Reunions can be complicated and very emotional. If your daughter chooses to establish a relationship with you, that doesn't have to mean the man who raised her suddenly means nothing to her. Her heart can have room for both. I'm sorry you and your daughter were deceived all these years. That's terribly hurtful.

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