Perplexed about Coworkers

by Perplexed
(another planet)

I have a problem. It has been bothering me for quite some time. It all started with a corporate takeover of the company that I work for. With the takeover, came new hires. Our old bosses/managers all left to go to other places and we have newer ones that are really hard to deal with.

How does one take orders from someone who does not work except with their mouth ?? This is really bad. I have to face this everyday. I hate having to coexist in a department where the people that are "so called" managing it have never actually had to do any of the work in it. I never thought this would or could happen.

I believe in respect and I believe people should respect individuals in management positions, but how does one respect someone that has not earned that respect ? I am having a terrible time with this. I really need some kind of input to help me understand why this is bothering me so badly.

I am a healthcare worker and I take great interest in what I do and try to do everything to the best of my abilities. The trouble that I have is a coworker who has been put in a position, by the director, that I believe should not be in this position. I believe that this person was chosen because he is man and to be really honest, he is not very good at anything. When inquiring to the director about this issue, I was told that this indivual was hired as a resource to us. I am really perplexed. I went to school for 10 years after highschool and I now have over 10 years of experience in my job and I believe that I have been mentored by some of the finest professionals in this business. Why would a business define a position for someone like hired specifically as a resource ??? When I think of a resource, I collectively think of books, journals, search engines, major teaching hospital libraries and websites. This individual literally sits in an office all day and listens to headphones, is a complete idiot, cannot do what 1/256th what my colleagues and I can do in this job, but this is acceptable ??? I cannot believe that this company I work for is really in the know about this kind of crap ? We have suffered through several layoffs and been extremely understaffed for years until recently. This was done all in the name of money. All I could hear was we need to decrease full time employees. Meanwhile these directors/managers sit in offices all day and do absolutely nothing while we get slaughtered. What makes this really worse is that these people are making a hefty paycheck. They are literally making decisions that are causing the rest of us to be slaughtered, doing it behind a big desk, and making a hefty sum of money in the process. Excuse me for just a second and let me ask a question, "Am I on another planet or possible even in Hell?" How can this be ??

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