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WHY IS IT that if I am 37 years old, am starting a new relationship after years of horrible ones, my friends are all very mad at me for moving?

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Oct 26, 2010
Moving AGAIN?
by: Sue

Your friends are 'angry' with your moving because they are afraid of loss or abandonment.

I have moved FAR away 4 times....from Boston to Japan to Hawaii to Belgium to Ohio. Lucky me I get to feel this way every 3 years.

When my close friends move, it breaks my heart. I feel like i am being 'left'. The apple cart gets upset so to speak. I am trapped in this cycle of making intense friendships quickly and then leaving them after a few years. My two best friends are from before my first move. I keep in touch with others, but those first two have remained strong.

If they have never moved away, acknowlege their feelings, spend time with them, have a goodbye party...with facebook, skype, and cell phones, you are more capable to keep in touch. And you know what? As much as it hurts now, you'll learn who your forever friends are.

Good Luck

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