by estrella montes
(palm springs)

My girl cousin is friends with these two girls that are sisters and go to her school. Her so called friends treat her like she was their dog. My cousin is always there kissing her ass. If she's mad she tries whatever she can to get her happy or if she's upset with her my cousin is sad and depressed and doesn't know what to do...I believe its an obsession that has came so far that she almost got in a fight with her own sister because her sister was trying to get crazy with her friend. She puts friends over family I mean who does that...so any ways I think this relationship is seriously unhealthy and I'm not sure what I can call this relationship because its not normal.

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Oct 13, 2008
needs support
by: Catherine, www.Life-With-Confidence.com

Hi Estrella,

It sounds like your cousin might have very low self esteem. It also sounds like she's seeking approval from these two other girls because of it. Being friends with these girls probably makes her feel like she's part of a group and that she's accepted by others. Maybe even that she's cool because these girls will hang out with her. Or she may feel that these are the only friends she can find so she needs to do whatever she has to just to have any friends at all. Unfortunately, she's only accepted when she does all these things for them. So, it's not a healthy friendship and in the end, it'll just make her feel so much worse about herself.

Are you able to provide support to her at all with working on her self esteem? Nobody deserves to be treated like you describe.

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