Not my Biological Father?

by Rob
(Fall River, MA)

My parents divorced when I was 5. Unusual, my mother signed full custody of my brother and I over to my father.

My father raised both me and my brother by himself. My mother was rarely around.

I am 34 now. Just this past February, I had back surgery. I was told my entire life that my father, my mother, my brother and I all had O Positive blood type. The back surgery proved otherwise. I have A Positive.....

I know it is not a sure thing, but my mother, brother and father all have brown hair & brown eyes. I have blonde & blue.

I was going to confront my mother first, but after thinking, it must start with my father for proof. I have had this conversation with my mother in the past after a rumor spread. She assured me my father was my father. 100%. Did she lie?

I discussed with my father. He suspected my mother of cheating on him before I was born. I assured him that no matter, he raised me well and that I will always love him as my father, regardless of the results.

We did a paternity test last week. The lab confirmed receipt of the DNA samples yesterday. I should know the results before the end of the week.

I am a mess. I am strong emotionally, but this just gets to me. My fiance has a tough time understanding where I am coming from. She thinks I should drop it. I can't. She doesn't understand why.

I pray my father is my father to put all of this behind me. If not, I have more of an emotional roller coaster in front of me......

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