No one is all one thing.

by bob

I enjoyed reading the article. The problem is with the internet and how you can type different personality traits and then put your boss, parent, friend or whoever it is in a box labelled "passive aggressive" or "Blamer". This is in fact inappropriate as nobody is all one thing and people have many different facets to their personalities. E.g. everyone is passive aggressive at some point in their lives when it is appropriate or rather not approriate to be aggressive. I think certain types of people analyse other peoples behaviour too much instead of fixing their own personalities (no one is perfect) and living their lives or realising the person they are with is just not right for them and vice versa. People use articles like this to place blame on the blamers for example and "move on" with a "oh well, it wasn't me that had a problem with their personality, phew" without analysing the fact that they might be not very assertive. It is damaging to encourage the labelling of people; psychopath, Blamer, submissive, passive aggressive as it doesn't encourage people to centre on the most important thing in this context, which is to analyse how they react to different situations and people and how they can develop a coping mechanism that works for them in dealing with what upsets them generally. Thing is the passive aggressive or blamer or whiner or whatever you are labelling someone clearly should be doing the same thing!

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