by Trevor33
(Springfield, WI)

I think one should make the notion that not all negative people, where their personalities would suggest otherwise are manipulating narccistic, blame the world on everyone else psychopaths. However, I am new to this site and you might have this type.
Who are the negative people who, no matter how hard they try, always seem to get thrown under the bus by "the normals". And although they were highly motivated, positive, and with confidence in the beginning, they now are always viewed as negative by their peers as they blame themselves in comparison to others, and take it out on themselves, while pushing others away, being negative because of the constant rejection. They withdraw and become isolated, much like a psychopath, however, they are merely blaming themselves and petrified to give the world or their peers another chance..just become bitter towards yourself around others... But don't actually blame the others...they know it was their fault for the failures, but pretty much give up when all their resources are exhusted and the only thing left is to have a negative attidude because that is the only experience they have to offer. It is kind of hard to say "today was most wonderful day: I failed , got fired for the third time, I am a piece of crap, stupid world, I don't fit in" Life is just bliss. How do you NOT have a negative attitude without faking it, when positive thinking itself was the main source of failure for them. As they are short of their expectations especially when those expectations are within the normal realm for people who are successful. It is sort of the "some have it, some don't.....well now that don't because that is what society tells me to think, there is no point to trying any more. I am one complete failure and I have no one to blame by myself....continue with the escalating depressive thinkings here)

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