negative relationship with boyfriend

by Anonymous Submission

i have been in a relationship for 4 years. i am divorced twice with a teenage daughter, he is divorced from a 25 year marriage. we spend a lot of time alone together and do well, but for more times than i can count when i upset him i.e. as he says disrespectful, rude, needy. he leaves me. i have a huge fear of abandonment and when he does this to me it triggers the terror of that happening to me.

i have lost all of my friends because of our relationship. my daughter used to beg me to leave him.

i always go back to him because i don't want to be left alone. i think i love him but not sure if it is a healthy love. it feels real a lot of the time. he says that he walks on eggshells and that we have nothing in common. i have shared my soul with him and he has done a lot for me financially. i would not be where i am today if not for him. i don't think about dating anyone else. i am pretty, i work out and i have a good job. he is a bit controling and a perfectionist almost to compulsion.

i am not good with money. i always run out and he says this is immature. he is pretty well off but lives below his means. i admire and respect him for that and try and learn from him. he is very smart and is highly respected among his peers. i have problems with every relationship i have ever had. i was not taught how to get along with others as a child and i have struggled with it all my life. is there any help out there for me, i would do anything.

lost in tampa

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