Negative Family

by kovu

My brother and I share a house together. He is the most demeaning, negative, self absorbed person in my life. The letter I recieved from him today about my recent pursuit of a new career has left me completly drained and self pitied. I have used positive thinking in my life for the last year, it has been hard to aquire but I've done it. But this letter has completly left me hopeless in my dreams. I can't run away from him, I live with him. I have tried to ignore his writings but wow this really got to me today.

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Sep 11, 2012
Negative brother
by: Anonymous

What did the letter say? I also live with a very negative brother. He is almost always complaining. He isn't doing anything with his life and for almost 3 years all he has done is play video games.

Feb 12, 2013
I feel you
by: Anonymous

I have the same situation as you, My brother is always complaining and being negative all the time about the same thing for the past 7 years of his life. It gets on my nerve knowing that i live with him. I try to think more positive but his negativity really brings me down knowing i have to listen to him babble his mouth everyday and even if i try to avoid him, he still comes and babble his negativity to me. He also trash talk a lot since he's a loser at home doing nothing with his life/no hobbies while i'm a college student with hobbies pursing my career. He diss on everything i do to bring me down rather it's a hobby of mine or school.
I feel you man, having a negative brother sucks especially if they are older. A lil brother i can deal with but when your 30 something....SMH.

Feb 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

Is he 30 something years old?
If he is, he is acting like a stubborn 15 year old - being angry with everyone else because of his own problems. He needs to figure out a way. You should talk to your parents and tell them the situation. They might be ignoring it cuz they hav other things on their mind. Try and be as present as you can around him - be calm and just listen to what he says. Im not sure what type of person you are but usually I like to think about what im going to say. Don't accept his lies and slander.. figure out if they are true or not, if they are, then correct them, if they are not, tell him he's wrong.

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