Negative Comments

by S
(Orlando, FL)

What should I say when someone says: "You're late!"? Only to mean I'm later than I usually am. This truly angers me.

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Jun 07, 2012
a response
by: Dave

how we respond to someone who says"You're late!" or 'You're slow" or fat or ugly a important way to combat the bullets of negative words directed towards us. we evaluate their meaning internally and that is where we have to learn to control and meet the challenge with new thought. One suggestion may be to minimize the word LATE(which is harsh), to a lesser degree such as tardy,or delayed or latent.doing this can really disarm harsh words.Just by changing it down like instead of saying to yourself "he really makes me ANGRY when he says that!' rather change the harsh word internally to "peeved" or petulant etc..
Changing my own internal vocabulary has helped me lower the stress level of my day,now all the time instead of saying the common american phrase "No Problem" I have exchanged it with the UK phrase "No worries", that alone has made a huge difference in my life. Try to replace harsh/negative words or just boring lifeless words with new ones , I find it very rewarding.

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