Negative But beautiful Relationship???

by Anonymous Submission

Everything started as a casual relationship (sex involved). With the pass of the time we started having feelings for each other. I always expected more, but my partner had control of his/her emotions, so my partner kept it casual.

The person treats me well, i feel safe, the person does very romantic things to me, shares lots of opinions and participates in my life giving me opinions and helping me getting through my daily obstacles.

On the other hand... no matter how nice and warmth this person can be with me, she/he brings me down talking about bad qualities he/she say i have. the worse thing this person has told me is that "I am not worth it to try" :(

I am so confused...bc one day everything is beautiful and another i get messeges such as "u are the reason why im so negative", "im not good quality for marriage"...then, other days everythng is perfect! this person told me that had a sad childhood, and feels like will never gets what he deserves; never settles for nothing... I am so deep in love...i just dont know what to do about this situation.

I dont wanna stop the relationship. Now that i am leaving 4 hours away, i had to relocate, we still talk as friends in msn... somedays are hell...ignoring me or been cold with me..and other days, like today, feels great having this person in my life. I just dont know what should I do!

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