Narsasstist controlling daughter n law

My stepson of 38 yrs was married at 18 had 3 kids by 25..him & wife#1 did drugs didn't take care of the kids so at 6,7&9 we the grandparents took them in. the son meet another women married with a 7 yr old.they ran off togeather leaving her son with his dad & us with his 3..we loved them so much took them on vacations showed them we loved them & would never leave them..well the son & x wife back into the pic & were given the kids back. the son & gf got married. then they had a child that we loved so much.but she told him not to kiss us over six mo the little boy that loved us so much was afraid to show us any affection!! Plus our other 3 grandkids that we had took care of for 2 years were the same like some how all the love memories & feelings were gone that has been like that for yrs our granddaughter now has a 8 mo old daughter that has never been brought to our home!! She does everything with the stepmother..they post on fb.about the things they do together & it really hurts to know that all the love me & my hubsand have our grandkids could all be me understand what happend..

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