My worth for her death

by SerenityNow

a year ago i have been in one of the best relationships i have ever been in yet i find myself not good enough for him and always questioning how he feels about me. It wasnt until recently on my spiritual journey back to finding myself that I have figured out why I do that. I was raised by my father for 18 years and my mother walked out when i was 18 months, i never met her till i was 12 and tried so hard to be enough for her but after many chances i had giving her i was never good enough. I finally cut off all ties to her a year and a half ago. My problem now is that she has just died a month ago and i dont want her ashes, but with her death i never got the approval or feeling of self worth or being good enough. Im worried that not getting that before she died that i may waste more of my life never feeling good enough and i dont want to put my boyfriend thru questioning how he feels about my or bring myself down everyday never feeling confident.

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Nov 12, 2012
not you
by: Denise

Im sorry to read that you think you are not good enough. YOU are good you deserve all the best life has to offer. Its not your fault your mother left you the problem is with her,she was not ready to be a mother or had some mental issue but it NEVER was because you are not good enough .Also your husband or boyfriend obviously thinks you are good or he wouldnt be with you,I hope it isnt putting a strain on your relationship because of your insecurities. Have you ever went to a counseler? I just want to let you know that everyone deserves to be loved and feel wanted you are a good person to even be concerned with the fact that you might not be good enough for someone. You sound like a very caring person who just got a raw deal from your mother. I will pray for you

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