My stepdad sounds like alot of this..

i like the information you gave here, this really explains whats my stepdad is and what to call him, he does blame me for not doing things the way he would of done it and blames it on me even if it's done wrong in the slightest way, i feel helpless and depressed,i'm afriad to make a change but i'm also afraid to make it worse, theres nothing i can think to do because he is already married to my mom and all of what you said explains him and few information on how to really deal wih him but to treat him the same way and try to ignore him with a smile and try keep away from him but there isn't a way to ration things out with him it's hard for me to do this,i had no idea there was a name for these kind of people, i won't be able to buy the book after all i'm only a teen not an adult which is why i came to look on how to get inner confidence and led me to this which made me realize how depressed i was, if u have a facebook look for {bren chim chims bear} and i'd like to get some advice on how to deal with problem with out making it worse, if not i can use things on what you said here..

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