My Now Ex is like this

I love him more than anything he was so nice when we first met, and after a year he started to get critical he recently bit me and pulled a chunk of my hair out because I was sick and he said i was drunk which i wasn't He now hates me I really don't want him to hate me but he gets more physically violent each time, I've tryed To love him and even though i know the things he gets into trouble for aren't my fault I feel guilty He makes me Feel Guilty. I dunno what to do hes been begging me back, And I dunno weather to forgive him or not hes done this before too, I'm too soft i just keep giving people chance after chance after chance.

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Jun 23, 2016
Your gut knows the answer
by: Anonymous

Dont do it..... That nagging feeling in the pit of your stomache when you think of him is telling you NO!!!!!! I am currently experiencing a similar thing, been with a man for almost a year, he has now progressed to when we argue he will grab my wrists so I can't go anywhere, it has now escalated to him literally sitting on me and throwing me down on the ground resulting in a black eye and lots of bruises. My gut knows what I should do however my fear of him releasing certain video footage that he bullied me into taking with him is almost like blackmail now. The thing I will say to you is you are free from him do not take him back, I did and have regretted it ever since. You need to stay strong, and seek professional help, it is not an easy thing to recover from by yourself

Jun 17, 2012
Absolutely leave.
by: Maria

Absolutely - DO NOT take him back. You may THINK you're in love him but it's the idea of the nice side of him that you're actually in love with -- it's a facade he's presented to you. I tell you from first hand experience as I went through (and am going through) a similar situation. 12 years ago, the man I fell deeply in love with did the same exact thing--presented himself as the most wonderful man I could ever meet only to show his true selfish and deceiving manners after 10 months or about a year (around the time it was clear I was very in love with him). From then on, it was a vicious cycle of him acting inappropriately and me dismissing him; then him begging to take me back with promises galore that he would change. Since my feelings were true, i would always give him the benefit of the doubt and take him back--each time, he had a different way of saying or showing he would change only to revert back to his old ways of emotionally abusing me. After 4 yrs he wanted children with me (not marrying me). Two yrs later, I became pregnant and guess what: he accused me of cheating and left me pregnant. SEEK HELP through therapy and/or support from true friends and/or family. I am sure your gut is telling you not to go back--the very fact that you're looking for advice here on this website is you looking for confirmation that YOU ARE RIGHT NOT TO GO BACK TO THIS PERSON who is CLEARLY abusive. I sincerely hope this helps. My prayers are with you.

May 31, 2012
He bit you??
by: Anonymous

Lmao @ cut ur hair... Listen girlfriend, he is a phychopath... Head for the mountains... You might end up DEAD next time!!!
You might benefit from councelling if you're even considering taking him back... This sounds obsurd. This is not normal.

May 11, 2012
Leave under conditions
by: Anonymous

You need to leave until he agrees to get help. Not only does he need help with his anger issues and how he handles his anger but he needs to show you that he is willing to change and that he has worked on it for a specified amount of time. Don't put up with it. You have the power in this relationship. Use it if you truly love him. He is weak right now as he is begging you to come back. If after therapy he doesn't change then it is time to leave. It will be too dangerous for your health

Apr 05, 2012
Cut your hair
by: Anonymous

Cut your hair shorter and give him a second chance. It sounds like love!

Apr 03, 2012
You Need To Leave
by: Anonymous

You need to leave and don't look back.

His violence is only going to escalate no matter what you do. Get out now while you can.

You deserve someone much better than this.

GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!

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