My Life up to This Point

by Lesley

I have dealt with all kinds of people in my career and found the most difficult to be co-workers who either take credit for what I or someone else did or who attacked me out of insecurity. I have wanted to receive exactly the kind of information this discussion provided for years. I was always left feeling angry, or guilty, or to blame for making somebody feel bad, and I didn't know how to respond properly. The whole thing tended to lower my self-esteem as the attacks and blaming and general angry criticism from some co-workers ate away at my confidence and had me believing that I was, somehow, always in the wrong. I really appreciate the careful and detailed directions on how to deal with these kinds of negative, insecure, sometimes jealous people, as I've had more than enough of having my confidence eroded! Thanks very much!

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Jul 24, 2008
EFT will help
by: Georgie

Hi Lesley,
Have you heard of EFT? It's a form of energy healing. I think it would really help rid yourself of all those negative emotions!
The website is check it out, its absolutely AMAZING!!! There is a free manual you can download to see how it works and then you can start tapping straight away.

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