My life made down under

by Keepyourheadup
(New Mexico)

I read this article and I agree, I've lived with my aunt since my mother got cancer and its been like hell every day since, this year I finished high school, But my aunt that I've lived with since has put me down and even had got me thinking about suicide, she turned all the family against me so I could turn to only her, thankfully my mother got out of the hospital when I was in 10th grade, I begged her to take me out of there, but still, my aunt now once again turned the whole family against both my mother and me (since my mother's divorced and I'm an only child) , she blames my mother for getting cancer and me for being me, she asks me why my mom has health problems and that she thinks she's just playing games (Pretending), every time we go to family dinners, the family just ignores us, not even greeting us, but since my mother is moving to a new state and I am off to college, I think It will be better now because she won't be able to broadcast every move we make to everyone.

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Mar 29, 2013
Hold your head high
by: Anonymous

Biology doesn't make a family, love does. personally i think you should sever all ties with those who believe the wicked lies told about you and your mom. Wanna know why? Because you can! there is no rule in "The rule book" that says you HAVE to have to have a relationship with these people. Certain family members had me convinced for years that it was important that i stay close because family is what matters most, right?When your dealing with this kind of personality the motivation is quite different.A close loving relationship is how they mask their evil agendas. They need supply. All the dirt they can get on you. The more info they have on you the better they can embellish the lies about you.I believe this comes from self hatred. they want so badly to project themselves as responsible,caring and empathetic.You are a target because you really are all those things.That makes them angry at you cause they are angry with themselves for not being that way.It's messed up. I have no contact with my family and i gotta tel ya, i breath easier.Although from time to time the tentacles try to reach out to me i cut them off with silence.They create a noise in my head that won't let me focus.You and your mom moving away is the best thing for you.Stop feeding the source of your unhappiness and it will die.This is just a suggestion but you will find all that you need in the ones who really do love and care about you.Keep researching this pd.Education is your best protection. Best wishes to you and your mom.

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