My Issue

by Mara
(New York)

I have a problem because every person in my life is negative and obnoxious except three people. The people who have been nice to me and loved me unconditionally are deceased. If I avoid negative people I will not have any family or friends. I know that all of these people are sick because the people who were once living saw them as sick also and knew what I was talking about. It really is me and my husband by ourselves. It is so bad to the point that I am completely confused as to what to do. I am drained and I cannot remember the last time someone who is living now lifted my spirits besides my husband and one sister who is trying but still is a little fake, and cousin. It really makes me appreciate the loved ones I had lost and makes me realize how special it is when someone is genuinely nice and caring. People would think, if all the people living are obnoxious then chances are I am the problem, I struggled with that and tried to be even nicer to these energy suckers and I found myself drained and still with no love or support. It is truly sad but I am blessed that I have an amazing husband and a beautiful son and another baby on the way. The angels really are taken or brought to God and I believe the people that still have things to learn here and I am here to learn something and I am not sure what.

Here are some examples
My mother in law ignored me at the hospital when my son was born and when she is around me she doesn't acknowledge my existance and thinks it is funny. And my father in law enables it.

My oldest sister didn't call me once in two years even after I got pregnant with my healthy son after having suffered two miscarriages. My sister doesn't answer her phone either.

My "bestfriend" (supposedly) sits on the phone for 2 hours explaining how we have an amazing friendship and then if I mention something she doesn't like she hangs up on me and pretends the call was lost but then stalks me on facebook when she needs someone to talk to and harrasses me and my husband.

My other sister doesn't believe one thing I say it seems and if there is a misunderstanding with something she has no sympathy, to her I am a liar or lying even if it is not the case or makes no sense why a lie would even be needed, it is something small.

My sister in law who mentally abused my husband has no interest in my brothers family at all and can careless that he passed away, she is now abusive to her new boyfriend.

My sisters husband does not have interest in anyone but himself and is completely selfish and self absorbed.


Anyone who has passed was completely sweet, heroic and special, angels brought here to show us what life is truly about and they were taken. I was more spiritual a long time ago and would pray for the sick and suffering but I am plain out tired and lonely at this point and becoming depressed. I really need my spirit lifted at this point.
I am not perfect at all but I never have complained to one of these people about one thing or started any type of arguement with anyone of them no matter how much they have done. I am about ready to not show up at one function ever again, and I really don't feel bad. I know that positive people exist and I understand there will be challenges in life and things will not be perfect but I need someone to make me feel good to be around besides a few people, and one of the 3 kind of untrustworthy. I was watching Dr. Phil and he was explaining that you have to show people how to treat you and set boundaries, if I set boundaries I will have no family or friends.

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