My Husband

by Marie
(United Kingdom)

I just typed in Definition of someone who blames every one else and couldn't believe what I read I have been married for 21 years an that is now coming to an end.
After reading this article (open mouthed) I almost feel like a free person already.
My son has unfortunately turned to drugs and just when I thought we were coping as a couple(he is no longer able to control him) he is now blaming me. I am absolutely heartbroken.
I have just been on an Access course for Nursing and although at first he was extremely supportive, I am now being told I am a selfish cow and need to be concentrating on my son. Of course this hurts terribly.
I realise now that over the years and all our shortcomings that we have faced together eg

Losing the house/ bussiness have all been my fault as well, he accepts blame at the beginning leading me into a false sense of security but always turns it round when he can't cope and things just never change.

I feel I really am a fool. But I am accepting my place at University and I will start in Sept no matter how much he tells me I am being selfish for this descision even if it is the end of my marriage.

Thankyou so much for this article, I will be buying the book.

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