My ex husband says my son is bad at school because of me ! Everything because of me !

by Tamara

My ex husband has full tempory custody of my son! It seams that after my son has been over at my place for the weekend my ex says that my son is bad in school. My ex blames me and it almost gets to the point were I just want to give up! My ex told my son when he was 3 years and 10 months that mommy was locked up in jail. This was not true . My son asked mommy why they lock you up ! My response was what. Where my ex then giggled they didnt lock mommy up ! 3 years and 10 months old should not even know what that is! My ex blames me for his mother that had cancer and his family said I gave it to her! I know that is unreal but having someone pound that in your head for 2 years ! I had our daughter in 2010 still born ( with god were there is no hurt or pain or abuse ) he the told me will I barely even knew her. That I killed her because I am a miserable person and no one wants to be around me ! My ex had told me 2 months after our daughter and the day after my birthday to go kill myself ! My ex even had my son give me a empty Walmart gift card for mothers day ! He told me that is what my son wanted to give me . ( with yet a giggle from him ) my son is going to grow up disrespecting me and any other woman that comes into his life ! My ex has even told my son to tell mommy it's none of her business ! Wow I have lots more to say but my ex is not worth it ! I am just hoping and praying that he does not get full custody of our child ! ( PS. If you are wondering how he got full tempory custody ! I have legal aide and my first lawyer told me to sign full tempory custody to my ex that what you have to start with ! Then she did no paperwork and had her licence suspended ! )

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