My brother is a cynical ass hole

by Stormy Giles

My brother since we were very young has had a negative outlook on life. He was bullied in grade school and has had a lot of trouble in life fitting in. He has his own ideas about religion, death, the way the world works, government, celebrities... you name it he definitely disagrees with whatever it is your opinion is. He will take just about anything that you like or say and make it sound shitty. He is just a plain negative nanny. Hes never seemed to have a very good love life either due to his know it all attitude. I love my brother despite how much of a rude jerk he is to everyone but I have a hard time accepting everything he says because he really tears me and my opinions and my way of life down. He offends my in laws and our own family members. I just want thing to go back to the way they were before he joined the marines and before his little friend died when he was a young.

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