Mom always blame everything i do

by Mlu
(South africa)

Hi im a married 26 yr male with 1 son,cum frm a family of 5,im the only boy @ home n i work with my mom n she the boss. She dislike my wife n child,i dnt knw is it bcoz my wife come frm a poor family, she always blame me 4 everything n doesnt wnt 2 listen 2 me n my ideas at work, she always say im a fool,i once bliv tht i was bt i told my self i wil nt b married n hv my own place if i was. Nw my only prblm is work bcoz real i hate her nw n 1 day she said in front of staff tht im a fool. I hv nt been 2 work 4 almost 1 week nw bcoz i real hate her n dnt wnt 2 work @ her company anymore,bcoz 2 her im jst a useless person bt 1 thing i knw is the company wil also go dwn if i leave bcoz most of the staff steal,come late etc n im the 1 who always make sure i bring them 2 books.

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