Missing someone terribly?

Hi! I'm a 21-year-old girl missing a part of my past terribly. I need to know what to do when you miss someone unbelievably but they just won't talk to you for reasons you don't understand.

Three years ago, I went off to college and fell in love for the first time in my life...but it was, unexpectedly, with another girl. It made me uncomfortable because I didn't know how my family would react, how my friends would react and I lived to please. Most importantly, I didn't know how to deal with caring for someone so deeply, because since I was a little girl I was conditioned to believe my feelings didn't matter or count and were silly and, unless I was perfect, no one could love/like me. I grew into a very pretty girl, always inwardly emotional & full of dreams, but outwardly cold/serious; not to mention, very lonely and insecure. I also suffered from physically paralyzing panic attacks and was constantly fearing the next one.

The girl I liked ended up being intimidated by me and the way I presented myself. I tried so hard to break through my facade but I was so scared. :( What if I told her about my anxiety issues? Or that I'd never been in a relationship? What if she found out who I was, a shy scared imperfect girl and reject me? I couldn't deal with that potential pain, so I rejected her advances.

I acted like such a b*tch to her. But, later on, I went to therapy, which opened the door to self-awareness. I'm still on my road of self-discovery, however, I have never forgotten about her. We live in different states now and I tried to add her on Facebook and she denied it. Even wrote her a message and no response. I should just forget her, even though it's like the worst pain that I've ever been through. The pain is just unbearable sometimes.

Please help me. I know I need to forgive myself, it's just a process. :(

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Jan 19, 2011
I wrote this
by: Anonymous

I wrote this. I'm a lot better now than I was when I wrote this.

I've quit being so hard on myself and quit seeing her as the one I did wrong. . .because it's not true. The fact is that I'm not perfect and I have feelings too, and sometimes I mess up and that's okay. And I didn't even really "mess up". :/

Also, this happened a long time ago. I've grown into myself, so to speak, in so many beautiful ways. Focusing on something bad that happened to me is so not the way to live.

I let myself purge all the bad emotions and feel awful for a few days, and as the days went on, it got so much better. I didn't ever think I'd be able to get to a place where I'd get bored thinking about her. Wow! Weird. . . :)

So if anyone has been heartbroken, it gets better. Deal with those emotions you keep avoiding. It's going to hurt when you let them all out, and it's okay to hurt. Don't rush it, just let the brokenness heal itself. :)

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