male and female friendships

by fedup

Anyone ever experienced a negative opposite sex friendship? I have a male friend who's been in my life since 16, I'm now 28? We come together at really bad emotionally times. When we first met it was all just a game, we never had sex but we kissed and he had a girlfriend. We didn't go all the way til I was 21. When we both were in relationships. We fall in and out like nothing on earth! We went our seperate ways but til met just as friends in secret over the years. Til I seperated with my ex. The past 3 years we have grew and we tell each other everything. First year was amazing til we had sex and he was in a relationship. Were now hidden this friendship, secret affair If u like. He says he loves me and it screws with my head. He treats me more like a girlfriend/wife than as a friend too. I'm not aloud a boyfriend neither and when he thinks I'm meeting someone he puts love bites all over my neck. I've yet to discover wether this is to annoy me or doing it as a game or If he actually cant bare me with another man! He says he gets a sickening feeling in his stomach if he knows I'm sleeping with someone but yet he says were friends then I'm his part time girlfriend. Surely someone out there has a crazy friend like this and its not just me

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