love & hate both goes in my heart for him

I am b (29). For three years I know a man p (27). I did not know about him thoroughly. He is very honest, loving, attractive ---a lot. We studied together in a university. I started loving him. I did my best to receive a smile at me but I failed. Sometimes I felt he loved me, sometimes not. But now the situation is complicated. He told me that he has a friend whom he loves the most but he is not going to marry her because he is going to marry some one else according to the choice of his family and also him. I told my feelings to him but it did not work. I can't think anyone else without him, though he never touched my hand, why do I feel the touch of his heart? I am totally frustrated. I don't have interest in anything else. what should I do now? plz don't say leave him.

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May 06, 2009
what's your fear about not having him in your life?
by: Catherine,

Hi B,

If you think about letting him go, what's the thought that pops in your mind? Is it a fear thought? Maybe something like if he doesn't love you then you'll be alone forever? That this may be your only chance? Take a moment to listen to what you fear. That's what you need to figure out.
It sounds like your fear is controlling your thoughts.

You may find that once you acknowledge your fear then you're able to let him go because you'll realize the fear isn't as real as you're fearing.

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