Lost two male friends in one day

(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

I am a mature lady. I don't have many friends. One best friend of 15 years (we will call him Tim) and one of 8 years - we will call him Ken.
Tim and I went out for a little while and are best of friends. He tells everyone that there is not another person in this world that he loves and knows him as well as me. He is outgoing and we get along great.
Ken is very quiet and says little, but every so often he explodes on me. I recently told him that it scares me.

Ken does not know anyone (mainly because he does not talk) so I introduced the two men. Ken was so happy. Tim, told me he could care less - but he did me a favor.

For Ken birthday - I threw him a party. He knows no one so I invited Tim as well. I knew that Ken would be more happy that Tim was going than anything. To be honest, I knew Ken really did not want me there - he wanted to do something just him and Tim. But, Tim would not do something just the two of them. So, they came to my place and we celebrated.
While here - Tim insulted me. I did not like it. But, what bothered me more, was I looked for to Ken and he was smiling. I mean he was really happy.

The next day I saw Ken and I asked him about it and he said that he realized that all these years when Tim was my friend - it was only to get close to him.

Since that day, Ken is always calling him.

Well, something happened and Tim and I got in our first disagreement in 15 years. I told him what he said to me hurt my feelings. He said something else and I had to let him know. He came right over to my house and said he was sorry. He never wanted to hurt me.

I said I accept his apology and thanked him for coming over. I do many things for him and he knew that it really did hurt me.

I thought everything was fine. Well, I did not hear from Tim for a couple of days. That is not like that - we talk everyday for 15 years. (I know - strange).

I called Ken to see if he heard from him. He said "yes". But, not to worry about it. Then I changed the subject and he cut me off and was rude and basically hung up on me.

10 minutes later I got an e-mail from Tim saying he wanted a break from me and not to contact him.

Well, I am not stupid. I know that Ken got off the phone with me and contacted Tim.

What I don't understand - Did I lose my best friend to a GUY??


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Aug 09, 2012
Gay or not?
by: Anonymous

Thanks for responding. Yes, I did think about the gay issue. Just not sure.
That incident ruined a great friendship. :( But, I have learned that you can't take something from someone.
It is all good now, taught me to stand on my own two feet.

Jul 27, 2012
Don't want to be rude
by: Anonymous

Is he gay? Dunno, guy goes after for a guy. Get it?

Mar 01, 2012
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comment. It helps.

Feb 29, 2012
Now you can close your eyes.
by: Anonymous

Your answer is YES, now make best friends with females.

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