Like a woman (not by me)

by idk

She came into this world defiantly;
Lungs projecting senseless vowels
Anything but quietly.
She was just like a girl.

She had to win at everything;
Sports, drama, dance... Life.
But that wasn't surprising,
She was just like a girl.

As she grew up, the boys passed her out.
Height-wise, that is.
But still, without a doubt,
She was just like a girl.

She was laughed at, mocked, degraded,
Skirt too short, boots too high.
Called weak, stupid - all because
She was just like a girl.

But she stood her ground,
Remained strong until
There was no beating her down.
She was no longer 'just' a girl.

She stands taller now,
For truth, for strength,
For herself and for others.
She is just like a woman.

All those things the girl did,
All the things she was mocked for,
Made her into what she is.
I am just like a woman.

And I'm proud.

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