life direction the 3 parts

I need a brief description of vision, plan of action & setting goals what's the importance of each 3

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Jul 14, 2013
3 parts
by: Anonymous

Vision - How you see yourself in the future. For example, you see yourself being an engineer working for a high tech company in a specific city. It could also be how you see yourself living your life. It could be as simple as you see yourself living a life where you're healthy, feel good about yourself, and do everything with integrity.

Goals - how will you achieve your vision? What do you need to do in order to create that vision in reality? If we use the engineering example then you need to get an engineering degree. To obtain your engineering degree is your goal. It's one of probably many goals needed to achieve your vision.

Plan Of Action - Using the engineering example again, what do you need to do to enroll in the engineering program? Do you need to upgrade some educational requirements? If you do, where will you take that and when will you do it? When do you need to have the application submitted? What do you need for the application and when do you need to have that done by? You break it all down into management steps and you can set dates as to when things need to be done. You keep moving forwards towards your goal by taking small step by small step always keeping your end vision in mind.

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