Less and less confidence

by Rinku Bathija

My name is Rinku and I'm medical student.
My life is pretty normal except for the fact that lately I've been losing more and more confidence in myself. I was never sure that I'll be studying in most prestigious university in my country but I did - I always have doubts in myself despite the fact that I achieve what I want. I can't voice my thoughts. I don't give my opinion in fear that I may sound stupid. I don't answer question in class even if I'm correct. I was shy and introvert in school too. I think a lot about opinions of other about me. I can't initiate a conversation and can't even ask any question because I reckon that I'll be making fool out of myself. I get good GPA and I even top in my class but I don't feel enough. I don't share my problems because I don't think they are important enough to be shared. In short - I've serious confidence issues. What do I do about it?
Opinions are highly appreciated.
Thank you.

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Aug 24, 2018
by: sunny

Dont worry , its normal for many people , i m with you , you do not need to think about those things more .

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