lack confidence and anxiety

by amjad khan
(peshawar, kpk, pakistan)

i'm 23 years boy handsome, smart, and well educated, but i can't do anything in front of other people, due to the trembling of my whole body. whenewer i have to face a stranger or big personality i m suffering with such great anxiety and trembling.

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Oct 21, 2012
Some Helpful Advice
by: Brandon


Your behavior reminds me of my own behavior when I was in my teens and early twenties. I had social anxiety during that time, and it was hard.

My suggestion would be to learn how to celebrate the small victories, such as feeling more calm than usual when you're talking to someone. By doing this, you can maintain motivation as you move through this stage of your life. You can't expect to change rapidly, therefore only small changes can be expected and celebrated.

Oct 22, 2012
lake of confidence and anxiety
by: Anonymous

is there some medicine for my problem, bcz i cant change my thinking. whenever im suffering that problem due to the negative thinking.i always thinking that i can't do anything. when i start working especially writing in front of someone my hands start trembling not only hands, but whole body, and its out of my control.

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