Keep going,

by Delores

"Keep on keeping on no matter what the Mountain in front of you; you will go over to the other side."
The first part of this quote what told to me by a dear friend Stella over the years of our friendship. It was one of her favorite quotes I believe. She would tell me " Keep on keeping on" and no matter what the challenge these words would come in to my mind and I would remember Keep on Keeping on.............. I shall never forget her encouraging words, even though our lives have been separated by years and miles. She may have even moved to Heaven by now; however I have memories to last forever..

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Date: September 17, 2008
Posted by: Catherine,

Hi Delores,

Thanks for the quote. I like it. It reminds me of that childhood story about the train who kept saying, "I think I can, I think I can" all the way up the hill. Remember that one? I can't remember what it was called though.

It's amazing how something someone says to us will touch us for our entire lives. It's a great reminder to be careful of our words isn't it? Always use them for good because you never know how you might end up affecting someone's life. It sounds like your friend Stella was a great spirit.

Thanks for sharing!

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Sep 17, 2008
Thank you
by: Delores

Hi Catherine,
What kind words thank you.. Yes! I remember the little book about the train that said I think I can I think I can. I used to read it to my children who are now 37 and 38 and I have grandchildren I have probably read that story to as well. Oh my the words we say are words that hurt or words that heal and I hope I always say what can benefit an other. It is practice practice practice that makes us achieve the goal before us. We so need one another I think in this challenging world we live in. so thanks for the encouraging words back to me.
Have a great day dear and keep on keeping on..

Sep 18, 2008
So True!
by: Ann B.

Hi Delores! That statement is so true. How wonderful to have it come from such a beautiful friend. I envy the fact that you had someone so dear to you, and cared enough about you to help you get through the tough times with such powerful words!
With friends, it is easier to get over those mountains, because we have their hands to help hold onto to.....

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