k n o w y o u r w o r t h

by Gwenth Simoy
(Pasig City, Philippines)

Never lose your value
you're a gem
just so important
and should be treasured.

Never let those envious eyes
bring your flags down
and stop your boat
in sailing freely and so.

Never let your weight
define your beauty
nor your height
and even the color of your skin.

Let not your fluency
in any language and such
specify your wit—
your intelligence as whole.

Your worth as a human
isn't supposed to be measured
based on your outer flaws
but rather on how you see things go.

It's how you handle matters
and how you see others
along the way of journey
in sailing the sea of wonders.

It's how you accept
and learn in your blunders
it's how you act with a janitor
though you're the owner of the company.

It's how your heart weights
even if you've been belittled
it's how you love and respect
the unlovable tenants of the Earth.

Yes— that's how we measure
your hidden worth
never based on what they've seen
and never based on what they say.

it really means so much to me because whenever I read this, it can give me the relaxing feeling and it boosts my confidence that I always lack. I also give inspiration to others who feels like they are not important.

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