Just been through it- a bit different

Really liked this discussion. I just had a negative so called friend do all this to me and her friend ganged with her (she is also negative). But she accused me of things she said about me and things she said about her other friend and I stood up to her but she still tried very hard to bring me down with just about anything. I thought this was all crazy but she was trying to cover herself.

I never compromised with her. I have found out just how a negative person she is and "how she deals with things to make herself look good.
I am so glad I read your article, it all makes sense know and I liked all the things you said about still doesn't matter how nice you are back they are still negative, and will attack again. So I have decided to ignore them, move on to more positive grounds and leave them behind (well run for my life). I just today decided to let go of it all. But I do think one of them still thinks she is right. Oh, well who cares. Thanks for this wonderfull advice. JLHNSW>

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