It's not my fault??

Why is it that everything I say or do he says its not my fault? Even tho I haven't blamed him? For example: I wave the nearly empty soap box at him we need some please? He shrugs so get some then why are you telling me, its not my fault?
By this point I'm so angry then he turns round by saying your always moaning your not well and look at your mum who has cancer??
Nasty nasty nasty person I can't cope with him anymore I feel like I'm just part of the furniture I feel like I can't talk to him and he tells me to go tall to a samaratains??
I won't tell my mum as she's very sick I have moved I don't know anyone and I can't talk to him he shows no intrest and is always in his phone and makes time for what's important to him he so sure of himself and thinks that I have nowhere to go and I have an 8 month old and a 12 yrs old who always hear us argue he's a pig I can't bear him!!
The book is fantastic but there is no hope for us or him he laughs at me and his igronace is just unbearable? Don't get me wrong he works and provides but I don't want it it all comes at a price he's to much in his past and strung to his mothers apron and I'm sick to death of them all!
So no book or counsellor can help there is no way with him the only left for me is out!!

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