It's my life.

by Maria Lourdes

I stopped doing poetry
Because it makes me cry
It tells my life
The ocean i dive
It's deep like the shadows,
And a house with no windows
Hard to breath, hard to forget
Shed a tear instead
But everytime i look back
It's making me think that it's my luck
It's a step, a lesson
A better life, better than anyone
If someone doesn't like me
Hate is something you'll redeem
Even though you won't like it,
It's always what you do to lit
You shouldn't be putting yourself down
You should be pulling upside down your frown
It's okay to have non branded shoes
Rather than new fashion expensive ones
Because it's not your lost, it's your gain.

-why did it inspired me?-
My father have always taught me that it's never the brand, the price, the colors makes something special, it may be cool with all the designs but always remember why it is made, if it's a bag then it's a bag, made to hold things. He taught me to be contented at the things i have.

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