by Thomas

The content referred above is absolutely true situations. A Blamer continuously, allegates and abuses only a particular person in a family, Why ?. If one of the family member is a Blamer or Negative Person and the other has to live with him, then is there any solution to make him feel that he is behaving abnormally and that he should change to a positive person. I understand that a negative person do not agree that he is behaving abnormally and will ultimately again put the blame on the person who is pin-pointing him. So in that case how to change a negative person to a positive person. A Boss who is negative can be neglected in the office but it is not so with a family partner as the entire family should live in peace. May the Author himself reply to this. Thanks.


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Jan 18, 2015
Blamer Parent
by: Anonymous

I seriously want to either move or her to die first. She thinks that everything she does is "so good" or tells people lies about why I don't do this or that. I notice that when I speaking to my aunties about certain things. Gets offensive if I want to help one of my aunts out at her home but plays the money game to take half of what she pays me to help her. Bitch. If the attention is not on her then it comes back to you need to find a job blah blah. Tonight, I "hear" that my son's student loan I filled out with him online was denied. Okay, its denied. I didn't make enough money this past month and secondly my first son didn't pay his student loan back for f**ing up in school over stupid sh**. Anyway, its not my decision anyways its Student Loan people. Do I take the bs from her?? I want her to leave me alone forever or die quickly. Would I miss her? Uh No. I had a life before stuff happened to me 6 yrs ago. But she been trying to undermine my efforts to keep me down so she can talk her nasty sh** in my face. I don't love her period. My mother is buried in the ground and she loved me always. Can't help people who are always jealous of what you got and they can't stand it that you had a life "without" them included in the mix. That is the way I want it to stay. I feel so sorry for everyone else who has to deal with a nutball like I am stuck with. F**k her for real.

Nov 17, 2014
living with a blamer parent
by: Anonymous

Am an only child and my father is a typical blamer always blaming someone else for the slightest thing that doesn't go the way he wants. My mother is the main victim everything is her fault. Am victimised too whenever am at home.
If u challenge him he shouts at the top of his voice uses unparliamentary language and has a very nasty face and keeps blaming u.
I have learned to detach myself from his drama as much as possible and also to pray that my mother and I are able to handle this without being affected.
But it is hard and I feel v sorry for my mother who is often upset and severely stressed out. Reading on positive thinking has helped me a lot in emotionally detaching myself.I keep praying for my mother.d

Jul 17, 2012
living with blamer for years
by: Anonymous

I hear what you are saying! I have been living with a blamer in my family for years-my husband! Everytime something went wrong I was blamed for it and reminded down the years how it was due to me how certain events happened or " what did you do". Example- we have three wonderful children all adults now - 1 graduated and another in the process- well the middle one took a turn in the opposite direction towards drugs and alcohol. Due to years of struggling and trying to help her I am mentally exhausted hearing from him how it was my fault not giving her $$ or doing the right thing (enabling her enough). It's amazing how the good things are forgotten so quickly too! The help we did try to emcompass she decided not to accept (most of time I took her for help)and whatever $$ she received she spent the wrong way or complained it wasn't enough- and then became hostile if you would ask her where the othere $$ was spent. Not Good! Today, (even though she states she is no longer on drugs and my husbands tests her once in a blue moon) I tend to be hesistant. Her drinking habits have not stopped either (I have seen her drink and told her to stop- won't listen) and I feel like giving up because everytime she calls him for $$ he gives in (even though he states to me he will not give her anymore). After many years of struggling this battle of my daughter ruining our marriage I have sought councling.

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