is it me or them

by Ryan
(United States of America )

I'm 15 I don't know if I'm just being a melodramatic teenager or I'm dealing with a narcissist but my mom seems to blame everything on me and I can stay around he for very long because If I do the things she says to me make me feel like I'm a worthless piece of crap I hammhate being home when she is I feel like I'm not welcome in my own house. Anything bad that happens always gets blamed on me and my step dad. She says she does everything she slaves away all day and we sit on our assed and do nothing but that's not true I go to school all day my step dad goes to work and works very hard and my mom goes to work but my step dad brings me home from school we get home and he goes out and starts working again and I do all my chores + extra trying to please her but when she gets home all I get from her is her saying I should have done it my self I should have know you are only can do thing half assed or not at all don't bother. Orlike there's one wrapper on the counter majority of the time its from one of her special dinners and she just left it there then she starts yelling and saying things like am j the only one who knows were the fucking garbage is I slave away then I'm expected to come home and clean up after pigs which she doesn't she gets home from work plops down on the couch with the tv blaring and on facebook until she goes to bed . If my little brother does something he's not supposed to I could be sound asleep in a different room and she was the one watching him and my step dad or I get yelled at for it we both have tried crefully explaining how we feel but she freaks out and plays victim full out crying and we were just talking then she gets offended that we even would dare be so horrible to her and she starts yelling it seems like her solution to everything is blamming yelling and fighting. I've decided I'm done getting bullied at home there's enough of that at school

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