I'm my own negative battle...

by Heather


I've written on here before about my family being negative and it affecting me in many ways... But today I have come to the realization that I am my own negative battle. There's not a day that goes by that I don't cry or think that my boyfriend is going to leave me. I know this sounds horrible but my boyfriend is really the only person I have and I don't want to lose him to something that can be fixed. The problem is this has been going on so long that I feel like he's tired of trying and I really don't want to lose him... I can't stress that enough!! I have been trying to change my mind set for awhile now... and I feel like I have made progress and he does as well. But for some reason I always go back to the way I was thinking before which was negative and emotional and it sucks because when my boyfriend sees that I get like that he backs away and doesn't open up to me and I really don't blame him. Everytime he tries to tell me how he feels and if it's something that I don't agree with I feel like because he doesn't want to do the things that I want to do I get emotional and feel like he doesn't want to be in this relationship when that's not even the case... I just feel hopeless and really don't know what to do. I'm tired of being this negative person and I want to change because I know that if I don't I'll lose everything. I need help I want to go back to how I was a month ago and get rid of this negativity!!


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