I wont be buying the book...

by Eileen

...as the book is not for me (I'm still angry). I have read your article though and I now know why my supervisor is always praising my work colleagues but is always belittling me and shouting at me. I have been feeling so incompetent in my job and I feel so ashamed and embarrassed, especially tonight when she actually shouted at me through the intercom and made me jump. I'm a 24 year old, not a child.

I know I'm good at my job, otherwise my boss wouldn't have kept me on (I was a Christmas temp but now I'm permanent). My boss is wonderful but I can't even talk to her about my supervisor because everyone else thinks she's really nice and I'm worried I'll be seen as a liar or that my supervisor will find out I've complained about her and make my working life even more harder to bear.

I have a disability and my boss and my supervisors know this and it affects my motor abilities which means I can't work very fast (I have a lot of trouble using my hands) but she doesn't seem to take this into consideration. She just yells at me that it's my fault we never get out on time but praises the others on a job well done.

Sorry for rambling. I just really needed to talk about this.

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Feb 24, 2010
making changes
by: Destiny

Hi,I feel ive reached a low point in life I need direction.I have a small toddler and have been dignosed with psycosis and feeling drained and pained physically and need a fresh start but i have alot of work to do i know i have to focus on the one at a time goals work on my esteem lifes purpose emotional healing.take time out but im feeling increasingly alone and different and like im not worthy.I have inspiration but im lacking the energy to motivate my life and create my identity cause im having an identity crisis i dont know who i am any more or what my belief system is and if anyone has any pointers on law of attraction or what works to accoplish lifes goals im 27 and i dont want to be in the same place in another year then another.

Feb 22, 2010
Taking it out on the innocent...
by: Anonymous

What an uncomfortable situation but of course it could be worse. From what you have written; I believe your supervisor has issues, like everyone else. Sadly enough, you're one of the people in her life, she takes things out on. Do not be moved by her words and how she treats you. I know it's natural to feel the way you do. However, our lives are not about you or me. God has special ways to connect with us. Stay focused on Him and understand that all that happens is for His glory and our good. Pray all goes well with you.

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