I wonder who my Dad actually was?

by Bruiser
(Sydney NSW AUS)

After a DNA test recently, I was somewhat surprised (but not shcked) to find out the man I grew up with was not actually my biological father. My mother deserted me and my two older sisters when I as a toddler and we were brought up by Grandparents and the man I thought was my Dad. My bio Mother remarried a few years later and had 2 more children, but refused to interact with us at any stage. I guess she probably knew that I was not a child of her first marriage and did a runner before the truth was found out. My Dad died over 10 years ago and I can only assume he too did not know I was not his child as when talking to his wife (my stepmother) she too was surprised by this revelation and said he never said a word about it. Strangely, I never really felt like I truly belonged, so maybe there is something in listening to your gut feelings.
I do know where my real Mother lives and have attempted to contact her, but she denies we exist. I too have contacted her other children to see if they are interested in knowing about us, but they too have put up a wall. What a good job my Mother has done to rid us from her and their world.

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