I want to leave but i'm 14...

by Kat
(My body)

And I don't have a job (If only) or any other positive family members that will take me in. My mother divorced my father basically right after having me and then got addicted to meth. So my dad took custody of me, it's been a stressful life for me so far, the only times of happiness i've had is when I was too young to understand my life situation or when i'm away from him (lived with my step brothers un-related mom, she'll most likely not take me in again since she's very poor) because he's to "emotionally exhausted" of me or "can't take care of me financially"...
He got a girlfriend who seems to be very much in love with him and is detached enough to not care what he says about her... sometimes..., She deals with him better than me yelling, instead of just falling apart and becoming depressed. So i'm hoping she'll take car of him after i'm gone if I make it to 16 and can get a job and get out of here. I'm planning to train hop and travel a lot (that's my passion, also art) I don't know what's out there and I want to see all of what the world has to offer to me, so basically I want strategies to deal with this man until i'm old enough to fend for myself. Any help at all would be really appreciated.

Here's some interesting link:


I think this one's interesting because I recently got addicted to singing it right before stumbling upon your article ^_^ It describes my feelings almost to a point. Haha


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Dec 02, 2020
ur gonna make it
by: Licity

im 18 i finally got away from my mother who was the biggest narcissist's i moved to Colorado from Virginia to get away i ran as far as i could she was horrible to me i remember counting the years since i was 8 this is the 10th year and for some reason im still counting the years even tho i dont need to anymore im safe now but i believe in u ik this shit is so hard Just count down til ur 16 provide for urself and dont tell ur dad how much u make incase he tries to take ur money when ur 18 get a sychologist trust me they actually help when u get the right one.

Sep 17, 2016
Your Going to make it!
by: Dan

Your very aware for your age , keep us posted and we'll keep praying and send love and light.

May 22, 2013
stay strong
by: rachel

I just want to tell you to 'stay strong hun'. its very unfortunate that families aren't as solid as they should be. I've been on my own since 15 years old (i'm 28 now),, it has definitely not been an easy road but as long as you stay strong, stick around positive people, get involved in some sort of group activity like dancing or baseball (even if it doesn't seem cool that's where you'll find people who care), and don't lower yourself to drugs and crime, no matter who you are and where you come from you are better than that!

There is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel, keep following your heart and dreams and they will never let you down.

Anyway I wish you the best of luck in your travels, I'm sure you will do just fine :)

Jan 03, 2013
peace and love to you
by: debs

I know things seem tough, but maybe if you can find some thing positive and some positive people in your life, so you can modify
your situation so that it is not so bad. I hope I don't insult or preach, but you are very young and it would make life more difficult if you don't finish high school. You need an education to make a living. Life now may seem tough, but struggling to have a place to live, food to eat and other necessities, not to mention all the good things that we all love to have, will make your life very difficult and you may wish to have what you now have back. Please consider this.
Look for caring people - they are all around. Be the person you want in your life to others. Peace and love

Dec 19, 2012
There is help
by: Anonymous

Seeking for help, see your school counselor first catholic charities. My heart goes out for you and my prayer.

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