I know we are all different, but this guy is just too much

by Percy Vasquez
(Alexandria, Virginia, United Sates)

Hello guys,

I have this co-worker that's just fucking me up! I don't understand what he's deal but I just get bullshit from him. From the first day I started working at this grocery store, he started giving me shit! His favorite word is No, No and No. What the fuck!! Every time you want to say something to him he responds with a No..

Anyhow, I just wanted to put that out there because I was feeling frustrated. However, I am a smart person so I decided to be proactive towards this issue because I really want this job. I like everyone else who works here including management.

So, I went to Amazon.com and I put in the keyword difficult people. I bought this ebook called "Difficult People: The Art of Dealing With Difficult People" pretty much because I liked the cover. And its a small book, for $0.99 I was actually expecting something small.

Then, I went trough it in a few hours and it gave me an understanding of pretty much why he behaves like that!

Now, I am kind of applying some of the techniques this guy mentions on the book and I feel much better when my shift is over.
Pretty much I am learning to don't give a shit of what he says to me. Just take everything as it is and smily and don't give a shit.
Don't take it personally!!

You guys should check out this book! Well it helped me! we should all be proactive and take action when we don't like something!

here is the name and link if you want it

Difficult People by Andrew Jackson

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