I believe in miracles...

by Elisabeth

My brother's DNA shows we're halves, a dirty secret kept for 67+ years! It was impossible, I felt like someone punched me. How could she? My mind reeled, why didn't bad things happen to one of her favorites? Why me? I looked at their photos, they resemble their dad. I look like my mother. I wrote to the DNA company and told them their findings were dead wrong. They responded as to why and how it's correct-I now believe them.

My now step-dad was much older, I can see now where she might be tempted to stray. He passed when I was 7 so I didn't really know him. Suddenly people I thought I was related to and loved were just really strangers with names and faces I recognize. I feel totally turned off, more than just numbed yet I'm very angry. My sibs say they still think of me as a full sibling, that's odd because no longer think of them that way. I do wonder if my step-dad knew or suspected who I really was or if mother cheated. I hope not.

It explains a lot about my childhood, why I was the only one of four that was abused. Why I never felt like I belonged & always peered through the dining room window while they enjoyed each other. This new knowledge has made me feel as if she reached out from her grave to strike me once more. This blow was the most intense of all, it has a never ending sting.
I'm trying to decide now if I should spread my truth or keep it hidden. I know I'm acting weird & I can't stop it, I'm angry and depressed-some wonder what's going on. My siblings say lie to protect her image. She's deceased, what about my image?

Where do I go at this age with unanswered questions?? No where but to my grave. It will take a literal miracle for me to find any paternal information before I expire. I do believe in miracles but I'm not so certain this one will happen.

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Jan 13, 2018
You are what is important
by: Anonymous

It doesn't matter what anyone says, you need to do what is right for you, which is likely to speak your truth. YOUR truth, no one else's. It will liberate you from a secret that sounds like it makes you feel trapped and different.

What happened was NOT your fault, it was your mother's choice to stray. You should not be punished or suppressed by her actions and choices in life. Alternatively, you could be happy that she did that because it gave you life; if she didn't cheat, you might never have existed at all. It's your choice, but do what's right for YOU. You'll know deep down whatever that is. Good luck.

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