I am now happy

by ssm em
(san francisco)

I'm so happy after reading this article. I just recently walked out from a blamer. I was dating him for over 3 months, and within that 3 months, I didn't feel good about myself at all. He was blaming me for everything and making long and bad comments on me all the time by saying that he wanted to help me to become a better person. At first, I was thinking I maybe should really think about what he had said. But after a while, I started realizing that some of the comments that he made or some of the blames that he had blamed on me were not making sense to me. I started questioning myself that why he was the one that has been always making bad comments me when I have never made any bad comment on him? That was when I told myself that something was wrong with that guy, and I should stay away from him. And I now found this article, I'm so happy. It's not worth it to spend any of your time with someone who doesn't study himself but you.

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Sep 11, 2014
Happy for you.
by: Anonymous

I am glad you recognize it early. Find out within yourself why were you attacted to him. You dont want to fall for that again. I didn't know my husband was like that until years later after we got married. Now he wants me to change, make more money, etc. It's hoop after hoops to jump through. It's actually a personally disorder. Be careful, get counseling. Don't date, ask God who you should marry. Get right with God he is the only one that wants to help you and love you. God doesn't want us to fail. Be blessed.

Sep 04, 2014
I use to cry in silence .
by: Anonymous

I really enjoyed the article. I've been in court now for over a year trying to save my children from leaving me.

In the beginning it was a box of roses towards the end it was a box of loses and I was one of them when I look back and now focused on my kids and me. And more importantly being the happier me.

I wanted the fair tale or Mills and Boons in my teens in grain in me from those fabulous years wanting the dream quicker. I knew what I wanted but didn't know how I was going to get there.

Until one long relationship went wrong. You get told by family and friends, and even yourself for awhile that it is going to be ok. Your stomach hurts and your energy fades like your friends and yourself worth until the dream become emotional and fact kicks in that you might be losing your children make the choice and I chose my children. Don't victimize me, don't bully me as I told services to help with the health issues of my children. I take full responsibility of my behavior. Its not worth the ring the fairytale that went wrong. I no longer cry in silence and I except the consequences for my actions. The blamer has a protection order for life and often drives pass my place to get to his rebound relationship. Another attraction that I am selfishly glad that it's not me as I read and study at becoming the better more famine lady in every sense of the word.

Closed legs with higher morals. I gain back myself and I love me through the highest glory.

You can't help them you can only be compassionate from a far in saying you love the sinner but not the sin.

I not going back and risk my kids and myself. NO I am worth more and I value me more.

I completed a anti-violence course and have wrap around services to help me rise my children and also extended family.

The sickness is a silent killer embodied from a cycle of reproduction from whence it came.

I can wear what I like eat where I like and heal as I like. I found me and I no longer cry in silence.

Feb 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

I am so happy you got out. You saved yourself from a life of hell. But find out why you almost fell for someone like that. They are only attractive to people with low-self esteem. Better yourself so you want fall for that again. Usually they would hide their true personality for longer time. I married one. I tried to kill myse twice. But now I'm getting help. I realized I'm a wonderful person and I can be happy with God's help I will make it. Don't ever fall for that again. Your know now cause your have that same feeling. God bless you!

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