i am afraid that people will laugh at me

i am very afraid that people will laugh at me. For example when i need to say something before the whole class i am afraid of it and i imagine and think about it and i can't do anything about it. For me it's the worst thing in the world. Someone can give me some help please?

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Dec 04, 2009
speaking in public
by: Anonymous


Speaking in front of people can be scary no doubt about it. But, it sounds like you're letting your fear thoughts paralyze you.

Most people have the same fear that you do about speaking in front of people and for that very reason are less likely to laugh at you. You see it in movies all the time but it doesn't happen in real life as often as the movies. Your audience knows they wouldn't want to be laughed at. Also, due to this huge fear, people actually tend to respect anyone who has the guts to do something they're afraid to do themselves.

Your classmates are interested in what you have to say. You could think of it as if you don't provide this information to them, how else will they learn it? They want you to provide info that helps them.

Also, before you prepare a speech, practice what you have to say and focus on the end result. What information do you want to share with them? What's the best way to get your point across?

Focusing on your fears just makes it worse. You start to imagine worse and worse things and pretty soon you're imagining yourself never being able to go to school again because people laughed at you. Would that really happen? Most likely not. You've just let your imagination go wild. Instead, bring your thoughts back to the present moment. Don't think about the "what if..." scenarios, think about what you want to do. You want to give a good speech. How do you do that? What points should you say? How should you say it? Should you use stories to illustrate your points? Focus on what's in front of you and what you have to do. Rein your imagination in. By thinking about the issue at hand, giving a good speech, gives your brain something to focus on. It can come up with ideas about how to give a good speech. If you let it focus on the what if scenarios, it'll just think about all the things that will go wrong. Turn your thoughts back to being helpful thoughts rather than letting the fear thoughts take control.

A lot of time we worry about things that never happen. I bet you could think of a lot of examples where you've wasted a huge amount of time worrying about something that wasn't anywhere near as bad as you thought it would be.

You can do this. Start by paying attention to what you're telling yourself. If it's imagining the worst, tell yourself "not helpful" or "cancel, cancel, cancel" and bring yourself back to the present moment. What do you need to do?

Good luck.


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