by Bibi Ayache

It is unbelievable how you describe the negative person. So bad i dont have a credit card to read your e-book. Please i really need to buy your book.Why not publishing it to sell.I am sure so many people is suffering and need help.

Ten years i did not get the idea of making some research
about my husband. I was believing in his true love.I was thinking he is so perfect that i must not not make any mistake.I was his slave,serving him,loving him,adore him,obey him.I was such a wonderful wife.

But after all this years i find out the truth. He is such a liar and was cheating on me.Everything
turn up side down when i find out about his social network life,facebook,windowlives etc......

I mostly die thanks to the love and care of my lovely 8 years old son.May God help and bless him as he is suffering enormously from missing his DAD.

The social network life is turning people to have such negative character as the world is focussing on sex life for free and fun instead of reading a book.

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