Homesick and Lolenyness...

by Chris
(Thessaloniki , Greece)

My name is Chris, I am from Greece and I am 18 years old. Theres been 4 months since I entered in a Greek University which is located miles away from my home and it is on an island. I ended up studing what I like but not in my place, in my city where my family and friends are. I feel like I didn't made the right choice , as I could study another subject at a university in our city. However, I chose to study what I like , miles away. I have some friends in university , but the place it just doesn't feel like home. I really feel like I should be back. Sometimes I feel like I need to think about my family and friends , that I need them and I should be with them cause you never know what happens. On the other side I think I should care about myself for getting educated and study what I want. But I don't know if I really want to have a career. I mean , I really miss home and I feel so lonely and its been only 4 months. How will I feel if this still happens in the next years ? It's to difficult and especially when it comes to lonelyness, I wake up in an empty room with nobody to say "Good Morning",it's just like a nightmare...please I need your advice. Thanks.

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